Tuesday, March 23, 2021

How to Style Your T-Shirt


Hi AMW Friends!

How have you been?  Down here in Manila, we are back to lockdown once again which doesn’t give much impact in my life as I have been doing self-lockdown for a year plus!  I only go out on weekends whenever I visit my parents and that started only latter part of 2020.

I felt sad to be honest in our situation but there’s nothing I can do but to continue do my part as a citizen.  Stay calm for my son, keep on whipping out good dishes and study with my son for his homeschool assignments and exams.

On my free time, I create content because I enjoy sharing my discoveries and learnings through the years.  

As for someone who live on T-shirt, I was gifted with a super cute Cooky Pink T-shirt on my partner from a very dear friend Dinna!  Thanks Dinna for the friendship and for always cheering for me!  I appreciate the love!

So she gifted me this shirt on my birthday and I wanted to say - this shirt looks OH-SO-FINE and comfortable even without styling but for someone who likes to wear this in multiple ways, I came up with a nice way to make it look more “dressy”

This tip can be paired with any bottom - pants, jeans, shorts, skort, skirt!  You can even wear this with leggings as the length is just right! Or with Lolita Skirts!

As for my tutorial, I paired this with a demin mini skirt!  I like how it turned out!  

Tiktok Inspired video here!

How do you like this style?

Will you try this?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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