Monday, March 22, 2021

How to Apply Gel Polish with UV LED Lamp for First Timers


If you are a long time follower of Askmewhats’ Blog, you’ll know that Nail Art plays a huge role in my life!  I have been doing nail art for so many years and have done various designs!  

It stopped when I gave birth to my son and I just find it hard to juggle between motherhood and nails - let’s face it, what’s the point of having cute and beautiful nails when it has to be short all the time for my baby’s safety? 

Now that he is older, I am going back to doing nail art because —- you wouldn’t believe what I’m going to say —- My son actually awaits for new nail art!  He would say “Mommy, where is your March Nails?” 

Obviously, my son is exposed in the “Beauty World” where his mom lives in ! :)

How to apply gel polish with UV LED Lamp

So recently, I was contacted by the brand Cathy Kathy to try out their products without the pressure of posting!  They just wanted me to try it while I record it and maybe, let them know if I like the products are not.  Without the pressure - plus the products are made in Japan.  I said yes because I really want to see how good “home Gel Polish” would be.  

I always have my heart on regular polishes with the challenge of wet base while I do my nail art designs!  I mean I always prefer the harder and hassle route #NOT :P

After trying out Cathy Kathy Gel Polishes, I COULD be a convert!  Could be in a sense that I love how shiny and perfect my nails look!  How easy it was to do nail art as the base coat are completely dry!  How I can easily continue with my day to day activities without having to worry about smudging my nail polish!

The only downside?  The exposure of UV Light!  I mean the brand did say it isn’t harsh but I can literally feel the heat whenever I put my fingers inside the UV Lamp!  

How to apply gel polish with UV LED Lamp

That is my ONLY CON!  But overall, I am saying this for the brand and only brand I used as of the moment - this brand is amazing in a sense that these are SOAK FREE!  I dislike Gel Polishes because of bad experience with soaking and removal - my nails were PAPER THIN when it was supposed to be done professionally but they obviously didn’t know what to do!  

With that scare, I swore of Gel Polishes forever and this brand changed that!  They have Nail Polish Remover that can remove gel polishes with NO SWEAT.

Best of all, I’ve had this nail art for a week now, I cook, wash the dishes and do a lot of stuff and it remained fresh as freshly applied!  No Chipping (as long as you apply them well!) 

I won’t blab more, watch my quick and easy-to-understand tutorial coming from someone who was literally using this KIT for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Can’t wait to use more of these products and create more art for you guys!
What can you say about my FIRST EVER GEL POLISH applied at home?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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