Saturday, March 20, 2021

Eyeliner Trick to Lift Eyes


“I have droopy eyes”

“Can you please make sure my eyes are lifted after makeup?”

“I have hooded lids!  Paano mag eyeliner?”

These are just some of the many requests my clients sent my way when I was actively doing makeup.  So yes, this tip is based from years of experience and years of perspiring on top of my head hoping my techniques would work on them!  SO far it did, so I am sharing you this finally with photos and a quick video!  

Best of all, I only used 2 products!  YAY RIGHT?

Here’s a sample eyeliner and eyeshadow 

A photo of Eyeliner Trick to Lift Eyes

Closer look, my eyes are lifted yet the liner doesn’t look extremely sharp like it’s going to cut anyone passing by!  *lol*

A photo of Eyeliner Trick to Lift Eyes

A full view on how lifted my left face (facing you) look as opposed to the other side.  What do you think?

A photo of Eyeliner Trick to Lift Eyes

I have to be honest, it is such a huge hassle to edit 2 videos as I uploaded one on IG Video but I wanted one that is in horizontal format for my blog so I had to put it on AskMeWhatsTV Youtube account (Shameless plus, please follow me!).  That said, I. Had to change the music on Youtube postings because of copyright issues so I am too lazy to add up the wordings I manually did on Instagram Video so I will explain the process here instead.

Step 1:
1. Pick a very slim liquid liner (and waterproof!) like K-Palette Procast Liner in Dark Brown or Cocoa Brown.  Try not to use a super black shade so the line isn’t as obvious.  
2. Draw winged liner.  Draw outline only and please DO NOT Fill it in!
3. Pick a matte dark brown eyeshadow and fill it in.
4. Here’s the important part, blur our gently harsh edges or outline of the liquid eyeliner with the dark matte eyeshadow.  Make sure your eyeshadow isn’t the powdery type, my favorite is the one from The Body Shop! 
5. To complete the look, don’t forget to apply the same dark shadow on the lower lashline using trinagular method!  Highlight is also key to a brighter looking eyes!

Hope you like my simple technique that really works!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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