Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Innisfree Brightening Pore Set Review


I love Innisfree not only for their makeup but their Skincare line!  The first Innisfree product I tried is the Green Apple Cleansing Oil which I bought from Seoul.  I loved the product so much I made sure to hoard on more cleansing oils and other skincare products whenever I visit Korea.

Fast forward to present, I am so thankful and happy the brand is finally here!  Getting my backups and favorites won’t be as hard especially since they are also available online at Lazada! 

I recently chanced upon their Brigthening Pore Set - I love sets, they are inexpensive way to test on product without commiting hefty amount!

Available at Lazada for the price of Php2,350 but on SALE at Php1,800+, I highly recommend YOU to add to card this set right away because I am so in love with their Brightening Pore Serum!  

Innisfree Brightening Pore Skin Serum
Available HERE

I originally got enticed to use this product because of the scent, I mean let me know if you are like me - scent is everything especially if it has to be on my face!  It has a light citrus-y scent, somewhat like a light breeze of orange.  It smells great!  But most of all, the texture was amazing too!  Almost like tha tof a water, it gets absorbed into skin in no time and I love the NON-tingling sensation.  Whenever I see the word Vitamin C, I worry about the harshness on my extremely sensitive skin.  Thankfully, after finishing up a bottle, I am happy to report that this product help keeps my skin brighter and lesser dark spots!  

How I know?  I breakout once a month and it always leave an ugly mark on my skin, this product helps lighten the spots which I appreciate a lot!

Innisfree Brightening Pore Spot Treatment
Speaking of spots coming from breakouts, I guess they finally made something for that!  I usually do spot treatment with the serum but now they created a light cream version which excites me!  

Brightening Pore Priming Cream
I guess the word “priming” explains as the last step of skincare to be used or applied before makeup application.  Based from product description, this can help blur out the appearance of pores thus making this a pre-makeup product!

I can’t wait to test the other 2 products I haven’t tried and will report back to you soon!
I am looking forward to test these out since I am staying home most of the time.  Using Vitamin C products I try to steer clear on sunlight and use sunblock a lot!

Keep in mind that this set is limited edition so buy as quickly as you can so you can give this set a try before it runs out!  

What are your thoughts on the Brightening Pore Line?
Have you tried ANY Innisfree Skincare line?

You can purchase the set locally (PH) here.

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Stay happy!


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