Thursday, March 25, 2021

JennyHouse Re;Bak Style Repair Shampoo and Treatment Review


Even befor watching Crash Landing On You, I love Son Ye Jin on her portrayal of a nerd at My Personal Preference with Lee Min Ho.  I find her beauty to be very natural and she has this really kind look!   That is why I am not surprised to see her as a face of a Natural Beauty Brand.  

I recently saw a lot of buzz on Jennyhouse products with Son Ye Jin as their model.  Little did I know the brand also has their own Hair Care line called RE;BAK.  I was told these are Organic Hair Products that can manage hair loss as well!

Perfect timing, the stress and dry hair is taking a toll on my hair nowadays!  

JennyHouse Re;Bak Style Repair Shampoo and Treatment Review

RE;BAK says —-
Those with itchy scalp and dead skin cells
Those with damaged or weak hair

Aloe Vera Leaf Water: Increases hair vitality and nourishes hair
Jeju Tangerine Peel Extract: Prevents oxidative stress to hair
Jeju Green Tea Extract: Moisturizes the scalp

Balances oil and moisture to enhance hair's health and vitality
Improves hair elasticity
Helps maintain the scalp's healthy pH balance
Made with EWG Green Grade ingredients

JennyHouse Re;Bak Style Repair Shampoo and Treatment Review

I immediately tried both products upon receiving these as gift!  What I noticed is how sweet smelling the shampoo and Treatment is.  They aren’t the “waxy” type like those commercial ones.  The shampoo itself gives hydration, my hair does not feel stick dry during wash!  With the treatment, I like how I can easily comb my long hair (which is usually hard to do with tangles!)  

Happy to report that I do not suffer any scalp allergic reactions, which I usually do when a hair product does not work for me.  I have been using this pair consistently for 2 weeks straight.  I don’t suffer a lot of hairlost but the less tangle means lesser hair loss! 

Due to my chemically treated hair I still need deep conditioning treatment at least once or twice a week but this goes straight to one of my favorite brand when it comes to haircare.

You can try these locally at .

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