Friday, March 12, 2021

Simple Hairstyles For Growing Out Bangs

I have grown my hair to the longest length.  I am usually a fan of going to the Hair Salon for that much needed Me-Time.  But ever since Covid-19 broke, I am staying home 99% of the time!  That said, going to a hairdresser is out of question.

Staying home gave me more time to juggle work, motherhood and extra activities/hobbies like playing with my hair!  I have been practicing a lot on haircutting and hairstyling since I believe in constant learning rather than: “I already know everything!”

Learning never stops, even a 42-year old mom would say so.  

And if you are a long-time follower of my Blog and Social Media accounts, you’ll see these familiar hairstyles because I have been sporting bangs for TOO LONG! I’ve been wearing bangs 90% of my life!  The 10% would be me being a bald baby and toddler years then there was a point in my life (3-4 years in China) thta I didn’t have bangs at all!  Then the know how it goes!

So these are simple styles I really swore by!  There are days my bangs look so good I’d like to flex it, but there are days I’d rather tie it up with pins or clips because it just won’t go to the direction I wanted them to go to!  

These are my top 4 favorites and you’ll see more tips on video below.  

Note: These are all mega easy you don’t have to be a professional to be able to do these.

Tie a Hair Scarf!

Simple Hairstyles For Growing Out Bangs

2 Clips

Simple Hairstyles For Growing Out Bangs
Pearl Headband

Simple Hairstyles For Growing Out Bangs

Side Braid

Simple Hairstyles For Growing Out Bangs

More tips and tricks here! Please show me some love by Subscribing and liking my video!  My videos on Yourube aren’t professional at all and I am not putting it there for money.  Most of them did not pass the Youtube Vibe because of the sounds I used.  I don’t mind, I Just want to share my learnings and I hope you get to learn something from me!

Which style is your favorite?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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