Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hairstyle Tutorial: Ribbon Half-Up Half-Down


Always a hairstylist at heart! 

Since I have mentioned this to be my longest hair to date, I have been experimenting with diffferent styles after styles since I have gazillion of hair accessories (ok, thousands! :P)

I found a roll of polka-dotted ribbon which I bought from a bookstore for professional styling - Yes, I do hairstyling a couple of years back together with Bridal Makeup!  So yes, obviously, I didn’t get to use this as I totally forgot about them and during one of those clean up sessions, I found it again which brought me back to so much good memories!

Here’s just one fun way I could sport a simple hairstyle with a ribbon.  This ribbon is better for ANY age because of the texture, the design (polka-dots are for EVERYBODY) and the lightweight feather-like texture of the fabric!  The color isn’t outrageous making it work for any outfit color!

If you are younger, or have a daughter, you may tie it up into a nice huge bow!  

Feel free to watch my quick Instagram TV on how easy it was to create both styles!

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