Saturday, April 17, 2021

Keratin Plus Review


Greeting you with my best hair YET!

The whole lockdown with me staying home and not leaving the house (unless I visit my parents).  I never get the chance to go to a hair salon (a personal choice) for safety.  That said, I have cut my own hair 3 x in total while gazillion times for my Husband and Son!

When you check out all my posts or to my long time AMW readers, you will know this is my LONGEST hair to date!  I wanted this length for so long but dryness, frizziness and tangles stopped me from achieving that dream length!  I also like to go to hair salons for some pampering session and no matter how many times I say TRIM, hairstylists tend to go overboard and cut LONGER THAN TRIM :P  So yes to cut the long story short, this is my longest hair because —- NO CHOICE.

As much as I want to cut my hair short, I don’t want to mess up with it!  I have experiences in cutting other people’s hair but I will never be confident in cutting my own!  

I came to a point of geting SUPER irritated with my hair - you can ask my husband.  I have been whining about it more than the pandemic itself (hahaha) SORRY NOT BEING SUPERFICIAL but I KNEW I cannot do anything about COVID-19 but I can do something about my hair! 

I have tried various treatments from inexpensive to expensive ones so you can honestly give me a call and I’ll give you a quick rundown on all the brands I’ve used! HAHAHA

One brand I reecently tried and liked is surprisingly inexpensive and available online!  Keratin Plus Brazilian Hair Treatment!  For the price of Php35.00 for 5 sachets, you would think they are too cheap to even work!  (Well, that was my original thought).

Keratin Plus —-

  • Keratin Plus Brazilian Hair Treatment 20g- BlackGet that dream hair with KERATIN plus Brazilian Hair Treatment, specially formulated with Keratin Plus Extracts, Argon Oil and Jojoba Oil."Proven to:Instantly helps smoothen and soften hair Tame frizz and fly awaysHelps repair dry and damaged hair caused by chemical treatments, coloring, rebonding, and regular hair styling""
  • Direction for Use: Remove excess water after shampoo. Apply Keratin Plus Brazilian Hair Treatment and comb hair with fingers. Leave on hair for 1 minute then rinse with water.For extra conditioning, leave on hair fir 3 minutes. Use daily for best results.

AMW says —-

For reference, I do have frizzy hair but I take care of it.  I use a lot of treatment oils and heat protectant whenever I use heating tools.  This condition may be bad for me but not as bad as others but the tangles are driving me crazy!  I am losing so much hair on every single combing/brushing .  So this is my before photo and mind you, my result may differ with yours so please do not FIGHT ME! :P

During the 1 week Holy Week break here in the Philippines, I got more time on my hands because I do not need to tutor my son or wake up early for his online school.  What I did was I used Black Keratin from Keratin Plus for the whole week (7 days straight) leaving it for at least 15 minutes with a shower cap!  I also wrap my head with an extra towel and do my usual chores before I was it off!  

I finally SAW results after patiently doing that for full 7 days.  Unfortunately, my son is back to school so I am still using the said product but lesser amount of time!  

What do you think about my after photo?  It does work right?

So my friends have been noticing how long and healthier my hair looks!  I do feel the difference thought the split ends and dry ends will always remain.  Let’s be realistic here, this is not a magical product, but it worked in terms of lessening my hair frizziness and my hair combing is easier - around 50% better than before.

Keratin Plus is available in leading groceries and online stores.

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Stay happy!

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