Monday, May 17, 2021

Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray Review


When I got the new POREFESSIONAL Super Setter from Benefit, I tested it out immediately.

Why?  With temperature ranging around 37-39 degrees Celsius, and humidity level I DON’T EFFING know anymore!  I knew this was the perfect launch period so kudos to Benefit Philippines for that.

Back to staying calm amidst the heat, here are some good news I want to share about The Porefessional Super Setter.  

Before I share more info about that, let me share just how much of an expert Benefit is when it comes to Oil Control and Pore minimizing!  Check out my previous reviews on the following —-

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If you check out the date, The Balm goes way back to more than 10 years ago!  Out of those 10 years, I have lugged tube after tubes of Porfessional Balm for all my clients!  8 out of 10 were sold about it and ended up going to the store to purchase their own tube after seeing how effective it was in creating a smoother, lesser pores canvas.

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According to Benefit (website)

This multitasking, microfine mist locks on makeup for 16 hours*, instantly blurs pores and leaves skin feeling smooth, refreshed & hydrated. The water-based formula includes pore-blurring powders that softly scatter light** and visibly reduce shine for a natural-looking, soft-focus finish. The mess-free applicator mists on a smooth, even, featherlight drops, spots or stickiness! 
Alcohol-free, waterproof and smudge-proof, fade-proof, gives instant mattifying effect and so much more!

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I did have high hopes and true enough, after a week of constant testing, I was impressed!  And another great time to launch this during pandemic because of mask-wearing!  Happy to announce that my makeup did not only stay longer, it does not transfer on masks!  

Check this out!

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I don’t have oily skin but it does grease once in a while especially when I cook.  Here’s how it turned to a healthy-glow instead of OILINESS.

Aside from that, I also have dry patches on random areas of my face and it did not enhance dryness.  I a always wary in trying out makeup setting spray because they usually make my skin feel tight and dry.  Not true for the Benefit Porefessional Setting Spray.  My skin felt hydrated I was a bit nervous how it could keep my makeup last longer if it hydrates my skin.

Turns out, their research and testing team has done a great job!

8 hours after makeup application, my eyeshadow creased a bit (because obviously, I did not apply the Suepr Setter on my eye area) but the rest of my makeup was intact!

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A quick try out video on the first time using this product.

Benefit Porefessional Super Setter is available locally at all Benefit Stores and online via Sephora, Lazada, Zalora and BeautyMNL.

What are your thoughts on the newly launched makeup setting spray from Benefit?

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