Tuesday, May 18, 2021



BTS’ Comeback with an all English song is happening this week!  May 21st to be exact!  Some may say: “I don’t care!”  It’s okay, we all have our favorite songs and artists and I am really loving BTS not only for their music but their story.

I may be an Ahjumma to them but my heart is a Noona.  I may not collect BTS merchandise as other ARMY but I am willing to collect useful things like SHIRTS! :)  

Thanks to my good friend Ashley for putting a smile on my face amidst the challenging weeks.  Because I love the shirt so much, I actually ordered and reordered from her to make my Army friends happy too!  You may shop HERE.

As for any T-shirt, you can pair it with pants, shorts, skirt or wear it as is (as I got Large and it is big!) with cycling shorts underneath.

I also shared how I spend most of my mornings!  It always starts with wearing clothes that makes e comfortable and happy, put on a bit of lipstick or tinted lipbalm and prepare our family’s breakfast with a good cup of coffee.

Coffee: Immunobean Coffee

Fluffy Pancakes recipe: FLUFFY PANCAKE, I used Dari Creme for my current recipe.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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