Sunday, May 23, 2021

Salo Lechon Belly Kitchen Review

Salo Lechon Belly Kitchen has been making a noise (good noise) at the cyberspace when people are posting videos and photos of their super sexy Lechon Belly!  Sexy because of the smooth shiny skin, the extra crunch whenever you cut, slice or pounce it.  Ahhhh who would’ve though these words will come from someone  NOT craving for Lechon Belly in the first place?

And with the pandemic, moms like me have been working extra hard in the kitchen to keep the family going.  I have been experimenting a lot in the kitchen so my boys won’t feel like they’re missing a lot in terms of restaurant food.

As much as I am proud of my cooking, I am very honest in saying I haven’t mastered the art of cooking Filipino dishes so I won’t fight for it.  I’ll just leave it to the experts and call it a SALObration!  


Thankfully, SALO Lechon Belly Kitchen delivers and they deliver with topnotch service!  Everything were packed really well and presented so nicely I honestly felt anyone receiving such delivery would feel the love and care immediately. 

A MUST order of course is their bestselling Lechon Belly!  Eventhough it was there for hours, the skin remains crunchy and meat is super tasty and tender!  The skin is not too thin or thick and the crunch was perfect!  I can honestly eat this even without sauce!

We even had some leftovers and just by reheating them at an oven, it tastes fresh as newly delivered!

Their other dishes are equally perfect.  The Pork BBQ Set (1/4 costs Php189.00) is super yummy and flavorful!  It has a nice burnt on the outside but it never has that burnt taste.  Surprisingly, it wasn’t dry as well so you definitely have to other this.

The Fried Chicken set (2 pcs for Php189.00) is also a nice decision especially if you have kids who always want..well..Fried Chicken!  

Another winning dish is the Sinigang na Salmon Belly Set (Php179 single order).  Mr. AMW loved this dish so much he put this whole bowl next to him and take a bite of this for every spoonful of rice!  I never saw someone ate sinigang with such dedication until I saw him did that!  

Lechon Belly Paksiw,  Kare-Kare and Caldereta Set are must if you are aiming for that Filipino theme!  They are all very authentic.  You just have to keep in mind that these are of course, delicious yet oily dishes so worry about exercising after!  It was worth the calories I tell you!

Metro Manila: 09190939967
North and South Luzon: 09190940784
Visayas and Mindanao: 09190940019
Follow them on Instagram for full menu details and how to order.

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