Tuesday, June 1, 2021

4 Brow Shapes and Shades = 4 New Looks


As a make up artist, I have worked with so many types of brows!  I even worked for a client who does not have ANY brows at all leaving my imagination to create new set of brows for her!  A lot of times, my client would always say something about their brows.  They would leave my imagination on Eyeshadow, blush and lip color but they really have a thing for sticking to what they were used to! 

So this post, is a post of recommendation - I HIGHLY recommend you to work with different types of brows because it really can change up your overall look, vibe and feelings!  There are times people say I look young, I look cuter, I look fresh or mature?  Well, I have to thank (and no thank LOL) my brows for it.

Here’s an overview on how different brow shapes and shades can change your overall vibe.  CAN YOU SEE WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO HERE?

Brow pencils used - CATHY DOLL Skinny Brow Pencils (Php199.00 each)

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Straight, thin Brows 
Shade: 02 Dark Brown

My peg for this particular look are Kpop idols and K-stars!  My brows are naturally bushy, dark and long so I had a hard time trying to conceal the rest of my brows but this was the closest so far.  The effect is very kind, timid and shy.  I would say this type of brows would work well if you have thin and sparse brows to start with so filling in with a brow pencil won’t make such drastic change to your look.

Bushy Brows ala Brooke Shields
Shade: 01 Soft Gray

This is a bit too much for me since I used a darker brow shade.  The shade Soft Gray would work well on users with medium to dark complexion with dark colored hair!  I find this to be youthful and perfect for teenagers who have brows all over the place and don’t know what to do with it.  

Here’s a tip:  Just fill in blank spots with a brow pencil similarly colored as your natural brow hair with a short hair-like strokes.  The effect will be natural - I promise you.

Arched Brows
Shade: 03 Light Chocolate

This is my least favorite brows since my features are quite uhm...how do I say it, FLAT? Hahahah. Okay, I was trying to say is, my facial features are not distinct like that of a Western look.  And my natural brow shape isn’t arched at all so forcing it to be arched looks a bit unnatural but for the sake of demonstration, I want you to see how having arched and very defined brows can change my look to be more mature, more professional and powerful?  

Sometimes I would wear this type of brows when I attend meetings and also, I do this type of brows when I was doing makeup professionally because back then, I look so young that mothers and lolas of the bride and groom does not give me the time of the day!  They won’t even listen to my suggestions and would complain every step of my application.  Yeah...Professional MUA job isn’t easy ok?

So yes, authority?  CHECK! 
Power? CHECK!
Confidence? CHECK!  On the outside but burning on the inside LOL!

Naturally YOU Brows
Shade: 07 Chestnut Brown
This brow shape I also call the “You Do You Brows”.  For clients who ever have their brows drawn, I would use a light colored eyebrow pencil and just define what they have.  I may fill in sparse areas but only with lighthand strokes.  I would never go above or beyond whatever brow shape they have because I don’t want to shock them and make them hate brow products forever!

So this, is my natural brow shape and I actually LOVE it the most!

A quick video on how I draw 4 shapes of brows! 

Which brow shape and shade is your favorite?

Cathy Doll Skinny Brows are available at Lazada and Shopee.  You may also order from Watsons.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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