Monday, June 7, 2021

Anessa - A Sunblock for Our Humid Country!


Anessa, a brand under the Shiseido Research and Development center got a huge thumbs up from yours truly especially since I used this for the whole summer 2021!

My brother, who lives overseas and has the same skin condition as I do —- dry on the outside and weird burst of oiliness on random areas of the skin, gave a HUGE thumbs up on this product.  He said it is the most lightweight sunscreen he used and this comes from an Architect who works under the sun for long period of time!

Anessa has the ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your skin fresh as it is made with 50% skin care ingredients!

And true enough, both Anessa Gold Milk and Anessa Whitening UV gel has a lightweight, easily absorbed to the skin -texture that felt like a match made in heaven no matter where you live! They are available in a 5% off bundle at Lazada if you want to give these a try.

Have you tried Anessa?

Do you have a favorite sunblock today?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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