Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hairreve Giveaway on Instagram!


Hairfall, hair loss, hair thinning —- these are just some of the hair issues I actually don’t worry about because my only hair concern was Dryness, Frizziness and uhm...white hair!

That’s what I thought.

Because of the pandemic I have been stressing about my parent’s health for the past year and of course, my son’s well-being.  I found myself sleeping normally at around 3am (earliest) or around 4am. NOT HEALTHY...not healthy.  

That said, my stress is manifesting not only on my face but hair!  It doesn’t help that I don’t like to cut my hair as I am enjoying the length as I get to practice my hairstyling skills (Used to do hairstyling professionally BTW!)  I am seeing a lot of hairfall nowadays - I know...they are clogging my bathroom sink, and I have full hair whenever I vacuum our floors!  

So you think I have a full head of hair?  THINK AGAIN, I am a PRO Hairstylist so this was done with the help of hair tools!

With constant heating and styling, I also see a lot of hairfall in between styling!  Grabe, it gets more stressful than ever!  

Last year, I hosted a brand video called Hairreve, you can find the videos Part 1 and Part 2.  I learned so much about Hair loss and hair treatent from Dra. Rica Mallari of St. Lukes Medical Center.

We also interviewed Stephanie Lontoc who have gone through hair loss issues after giving birth and she mentioned Hairreve , a brand approved by FDA.  The bottle I got after hosting the event was actually used by my older sister who suffered hair loss for years!  After using a bottle, she repurchased another bottle at Mercury Drugstore for Php1,400 (Also available at Shopeeand I saw the vast improvement myself.

That said, I also got another bottle for myself and started using it before it’s too late!

To those who don’t know, hair rescue thickening serums can be used before you have the actual hair loss, this is like a serum for your face, you use it daily to prevent further or future hair fall!  That’s what I am doing now, PREVENTION is better than cure as they say!  I mean, if I can stop further hair loss, why not?

I have started using Hairreve for a good week plus and I like how it felt on my scalp.  It has cooling sensation and constant massaging gives a bit of a nice blood rush!  (I must be a really good masseuse! :P). 

Obviously I haven’t seen any huge difference as of the moment as changes can be seen as early as 2 weeks to a month or more!  (Depends on individuals!)

And here’s a great news!
If you want to try it for yourself and you are living in the Philippines, I am giving away 3 bottles to 3 winners on my Instagram!  

I can’t wait to update you guys my hair situation. 
But I have full trust in this product since this got a thumbs up signal from a head of hair unit in a prestigious hospital!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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