Sunday, June 27, 2021

FIB EATS: Mango Sago


How many times have you craved for something so difficult to find during quarantine and you ended up making it yourself?


One of them are Mango Sago!  I have been craving for them - yes, you can ask my husband - he rushed to my room and said: “MAY MANGO SAGO KA!” When he saw the FIB Mango Sago package!

FIB EATS: Mango Sago

When I posted about this on my stories, a lot asked right away - is this the same as Chinese restaurant? 

NO.  The Chinese restaurant version is more watery and can somewhat pass up as a drink/dessert.  While tthe FIB Eats Mango Sago is a DESSERT…a creamy dessert.  Imagine the texture of the Buko Pandan you like?  Same as this - minus the NIYOG - which made it much better kasi parang hindi bagay ang niyog sa Mangoes?  —- Just my opinion!

For the price of Php350.00 I would say this is worth it!  I was able to share this to my in-laws and still eat to my heart’s content.

FIB EATS: Mango Sago

You get real mango, chewy tapioca, gelatin and a whole lot more!  Basta you will get full and satisfied!  The mangoes though are a bit sour for this batch, I am sure that you get it differently depending on the mangos!  We can’t judge the seller for this, you know how mangoes are!


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