Wednesday, June 30, 2021

NEW! Clinique Moisture Surge 100HR Auto-Replenishing Hydrator


Clinique Moisture Surge is dear to me…. I’ve finished a them in a flash since 2008 

For a product that helped my dry skin, this product became a staple for me no matter how much skincare products I’ve tried and tested.  I personally LOVE to use this as a “mask”, a mask I apply thickly on a weekly bases on top of my moisturized skin before I sleep!  

This is also my choice of moisturizer on summer days because of its’ lightweight texture and easily gets absorbed into skin properies.

And the Hydrator I love had another makeover this 2021 —- from 72HR to 100HR!  And the best part, they finally advertised this as an overall hydrator - can be used on skin, hair and nails!  FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT!  I have been using this to treat my dry heels and cuticles for a looong time!

So I am currently using this upgraded version!  TBH, there’s ONLY a slight difference but for a super long time user like myself, I can see how much more lightweight this moisturizer is, more watery and gets absorbed into skin better than the original - I can’t believe there’s such tiny difference but there is!

Clinique is available in Official Flagship Store in Lazada.  

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