Friday, August 6, 2021

She Bangs!


If you follow me on social media recently, you’ll see that this curtain-bangs girl suddenly h as a headful of bangs!  *LOL*

This isn’t new to me and don’t ask me about feeling uneasy!  I have been a long-time full bangs girl so there isn’t any huge change as of the moment!  This is how I look like from Gradeschool to College.  And it’s nice to enjoy full bangs again because of the cooler weather!  I just felt so… young! :)  

(I said “felt” don’t come back to me with a bash ok?) :P

The full bangs look is perfect for those who have high forehead - ahem,  me!
Those who have full cheeks or face - ahem, ahem, ME!

If you don’t want to commit on full bangs, try curtain bangs or wispy bangs!  Or if you want to check if this look works for you, you can always purchase inexpensive clip bangs!  

I have been cutting my own hair the whole lockdown plus my family’s hair!  I studied haircut in the past so I do know some techniques and I shared them all in a quick IGTV below!

I hope you learn something some me! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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