Thursday, August 19, 2021

SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review


Silkygirl, as a drugstore brand, has a lot of makeup products that earns 2 thumbs up from me.  One of my favorite are their Go Matte Lipcolors which I tried and tested 5 years ago (2016).  Why does 2016 seems like such a long time ago????

Ah, back to the topic.  They came up with their new MLBB Lip Tints and these are housed in not only my most favorite packaging in the world (for lip tints) - which is doe foot applicator tube.  Here’s a better news, the size is perfect for lipstick lovers.  Half the size of a regular lip tints or glosses!  


A photo of SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review
MLBB Liptint
This water-based lip tint is enriched with Grape juice extract and Aloe Vera extract to keep your lips smooth and moisturized all day. It also gives your lips a plumped-up effect and more importantly, it feels weightless on your lips. Available in 5 highly pigmented shades that flatter every skin tone and provide all-day staining power.

I don’t have the exact shade names but they are numbered 01, 02, 04 and 05 which I swatched them in that order from top to bottom respectively.

SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review

Based from swatches, you can see that the brand stayed true to the “tint” name.  They do appear like most tints we know but a little bit more pigmented.

Is it good?  YES!  Well, let me explain.

AMW wears 01
SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review

AMW wears 02

SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review

AMW wears 04

SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review

AMW wears 05

SilkyGirl MLBB LipTints Review

Based from my lip swatch you’d probably notice how they all look similar on my lips.  For first time visitors here on Askmewhats, please be reminded that I have very dark, pigmented lips to start with so that would look like all light lip shades will turn darker than usual.

The notable differences are -

  • 01 has more orange undertone so if you love reddish orange shades, go for this.
  • 02 is voted as well loved by my Instagram followers.  It looks the most natural on regular pigmented lips.
  • 04 has a brownish tone to it so another natural-looking shade.  Feel free to pick this if you want something for daily
  • 05 is a dark, deep, true red shade!  I love it!  It is very flattering on me so I love it.

As for the product itself, the texture is like that of a regular lip tint - more watery than most liquid lipsticks and NON STICKY.  BUT, most tints would end up migrating at the center of your lips or worst, will sit on dry lines.  Not with SilkyGirl MLBB Lip Tints.  They act like the cousins of liquid lipsticks with more watery consistency but more pigmented than other liptint brands!  

The only In-Between thoughts for me is the fragrance.  There is a scent that some users with sensitive smell may want to forego.

Overall, these earns another YES from me!

Available at Shopee and Lazada

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