Saturday, August 21, 2021

Aunty Carol’s Kitchen Review


When friends share to me good restaurant finds because they knew I need a break from cookingg daily, I felt loved!  

I cook every single day (sometimes twice a day) because I take care not only the food for our household but also our neighbor! (My parents-in-law!)  That said, it gets draining to think about the menu on a daily basis but I thank God on breaks like Sundays so I can easily order out and get inspired by the dishes I eat.

I recently tried Carol’s Chicken and Lechon Belly and it was a lovely surprise to find a gem at Masangkay!  The place where I usually order our weekend dishes.


Bilao: Php750.00

Tray: Php1,350.00

This seafood mix Paella isn’t the version of those you eat at Spanish restaurants as this has a twist that goes well with the palate of Filipino Chinese!  On first bite, I had a bit of a “Kiampong” feel with the texture of rice and the right stickiness!  What made me enjoy this so much is how I can east this alone without the need for “ulam”.  You get a good serving of shrimps, clams, squid, fish, eggs, etc…!  

Roasted Chicken
Available in Super Quarter, half or whole
Whole: Php279.00 (Regular) Php289.00 (Spicy)

I am very very picky with Roasted Chicken.  There are so many roasted chicken available out there that promises the good flavor but always fail in texture and juiciness.

Carol’s Chicken passed my standard + MORE!  The sauce they created that comes with the chicken is a winner in my dicitionary!  I love the sauce so much I did not throw the rest away and used it on my other dishes!  Ang sarap!  You have to try to believe!  And thankfully, even with the breast part, the chicken remain juicy and plump!  I love the extra sauce that comes in a packet so you can easily pour it all over before serving on a plate and keep the chicken moist. 

The chicken also has a lot of flavor because it was roasted together with a good amount of herbs as seen on the photo below!

Boneless Lechon Below
Available in Quarter, Super Half, Large, X-Large and XX-Large

Upon delivery, the skin is still crispy in texture but I want it more crispy so I reheated this in the oven and it is so good!  You can definitely taste the flavors of herbs and spices from skin to meat!  I like serving this sliced in small bite-size pieces and the “Suka” That comes with this order is also a must-try!  I love how the restaurant owner did not only try to perfect the dishes but also the sauces as well.  

Very flavorful and tender.  

Signature Sisig
Available in Chicken and Bellychon
Sizes: Double and Family

For this particular order, I got Bellychon and this is the type of sisig that is not dry!  If you like it really dry and crunchy, you may need to oven toast it or pour them straight to the pan for some pan-frying.  In my case, I like this version because you get real meat instead of Pig’s face!  I mean real sisig should be done with Pig’s face but I don’t mind the extra protein ! *hahaha*

Overall, I am very happy with the dishes I got.  These are homemade, straight from a momma’s kitchen type of warm-hearted dishes!  My favorite has to be (hands down) the Roasted Chicken and the Paella because I am not a “lechon” eater TBH, but my family enjoyed all the dishes nevertheless!  

For orders follow Carol’s CHicken and Lechon Belly and A Carol’s Kitchen on Instagram.

Contact: 0932-8522228

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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