Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Easy Gradient Lips Tutorial


A hack!

Yes a hack! After doing gradient lips for so many times, I’ve finally found an easier and less distracting way to create one!  For someone with dry lips, the dark part or red part always look weird with an obvious demarcation mark!  And look!  I don’t have it now! 

Exactly a year ago (still during lockdown), I shared an easy, long-lasting gradient lips tutorial HERE.

Most of us do the following steps:  Apply a nude lip color first all over lipsand a dark red lip color at the center.  Yes, it works if your lips are plump and hydrated.  For lips like mine who tends to be dry and flaky, the effect won’t be as cute and healthy-looking!

The secret is the ORDER of application.  We always love to apply the neutral colored lipstick first and dab the “tint” or dark lipstick at the center of your lips.  It is still a good way if your lips are hydrated and really nice to begin with.  As for those who aren’t as blessed on the lips department (me!). Let’s do this trick for once and tell me how it goes okay?

I’ve done this trick so many times and I love the effect more than my previous tutorials!

Enjoy and please comment down below if this simple hack made a huge difference on the way you create gradient lips!  Have a wonderful mid-week!

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