Thursday, September 30, 2021

These are A Few of My favorite Cute Things!


The past few weeks was super stressful for me and my family.

You don’t see it or here it much on my blog as I can’t seem to update my blog and talk about it, I did share about my parents who got COVID story on my Instagram Stories

My parents are recovering but my heart isn’t!  I got so stressed I had stomachache and headache for so long!  I can’t sleep and eat well so receiving such positive package from a dear online friend Charlotte of SprintsPhil meant so much to me.  

A letter N BT21’s COOKY phone grip!  The phone case is not included I specifically bought this case to house Cooky!

Then KORE Whale for my purple case!  Aside from that, they also make Peresonalized Acrylic planners for me to have a clear picture of my schedule and Kyle’s!  

Let’s not forget the cute Tiny Tan stickers and credit card/ATM stickers as well.  Lastly, check out my cute T-shirt too! They have so many iteams perfect for Christmas Gift-giving, birthday giveaways and “just because”.

Their products are tested good quality and I actually asked for price list for me to be able to prepare for Christmas gift-giving!  Nakaka-goodvibes promise!

Thanks SprintsPhil for the friendship and for making my heart happy through tough times.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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