Thursday, September 2, 2021

Nail Art Tutorial: Nordic Nails


Hi AMW Friends!

Today is September 2 and I didn’t even get to enjoy the first day of September.  Things are going so crazy here at home I cannot believe the lockdown started with me counting every single minute as the days go by like a turtl.  Nowadays, with Kyle’s online class starting again as 3rd grader, me cooking 2x a day for 2-3 families at times.  Adding to my workout (to keep myself healthy and energetic) plus the PR work and my love for nail art, I find myself chasing after every single minute watching the clock every 5 minutes!  

That said, even my nail art tutorials turn simpler, and I have been relying on UV Gel Polishes more and more because after taking this shot, I was off to do another task!  And it was a task with the use of hands of course!

I recently got newer Gel Polish shades from both the Tokyo Collection and Nordic Collection, I have decided to create a simple art that screams —- CHILL.  Because I need to be chill whenever I look at my nails!  

I also got to try their Peel Off base and as opposed to what I did on the video, the peel off base does not need curing so I will definitely try it again without curing soon!

How do you like my nail art?

Cathy Kathy UV Gel Polishes are available HERE.

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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