Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Rory and Sloan Croft 2.0 in Goji


I have always been a fan of bags that are compact yet spacious! 

How in the world can I find such?

The search is OVER!  The Rory and Sloan Croft 2.0 (Php2,990.00) is the answer!

If you are a reader of AskMeWhats for quite sometime, you have probably seen me post about my Vaccination OOTD and the pop of purple/lilac probably caught your attention!  So today, I am highlighting the bag!

Aside from the space because of the rectagular shape, I like the extra pocket at the back of the bag and a flap space in front for essentials like alcohol and face masks!  

Inside, I can fit my mobile phone, my long wallet, my wipes, my makeup kit and a whole lot of keys and a huge Barangay CARD!  

Though the color seem to be difficult to match, it actually work with any color of outfit, you just have to tote it with confidence my friends!

The adjustable thick strap is also a winner in my dictionary, I can hold on it like a hand bag  or use it as a sling bag!  I can event adjust to strap to the size of my waist for a cute waist bag!

The styles are endless!  And this is definitely my IT bag as of the moment!

For more information visit https://roryandsloan.com/

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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