Monday, August 30, 2021

DIY haircut for Boys


HI AMW Friends!

How’s everyone ever since COVID19 happened?

Me, I have been busy for almost 2 years!  Busy with house work (no househelp by the way), busy with cooking, tutoring and work!  I thank God I still have work to do at the comfort of my home.

Since we are very particular with safety, we are staying home since March 2020 and I only get to go out when I visit my parents!  That said, haircut for both my boys are done at our home — all thanks to my TALENT *laughs*  

I did studied hairstyling years ago but to be honest, I’ve got no practice, I only got the basics discussed to me but I didn’t get the chance to practice on real people because…. How many people are willing to be a guinea pig #realtalk ?  

Because of the lockdown, I started to cut my dad’s hair, bringing my expensive clipper to my parents’ home and left it there.  I was left without a clipper at my own home and was cutting my Husband’s and son’s hair using only scissors!  

GOODNESS, if you think that was easy, it is VERY VERY HARD!

I finally went online an purchased a new clipper set but it was the more inexpensive kind so I wasn’t that impressed!  Thankfully, HAIRMNL offers high quality clippers good for professional use!  I am in no way professional so I can say, this new found device can be used by regular Janes and Joes with practice! 

Before and After

I am honestly not confident still after a year plus but I like it that I have improved a lot!

Haircut for Boys using Le Couleur PRofessional JRL Clipper available at

For reference, this was the exact brand and model I used in the video below!  Click link HERE.

JRL FreshFade1040 Professional Clipper available at

I hope you learned something from me!  My sister actually called me to tell me she learned so much from this short tutorial and actually did a better cut to my pamangkin!  YAY!  I hope you learn something from this as well!

Do you cut your son and husband’s hair? 

How do you feel about using a clipper?

For legit and genuine hair products, visit

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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