Tuesday, September 14, 2021

RLC Residences provides vaccines for homeowners


Imagine the PAIN and STRESS after seeing these results on your email box.  #TrueStory

I got 3 all lined up with a huge RED Result of : SARS-CoV-2 RNA Detected. 

The results of my Dad (87 yrs old), Mom (75 yrs old) and Brother (49 yrs old).  

The anxiety and stress is NOT worth it and as the next question on top of your head is probably - “Are they vaxxed?”


My dad is unvaccinated as the LGU doesn’t want to vax my dad for so much complications, my mom is only half-vaccinated as it took time for her to get a schedule and my brother is the only one fully vaccinated.  I remembered having this conversation with my brother when he was trying to invest for a Condo Unit.  “I want a Condo so mom and dad can easily move around with the presence of elevators.  I also like the chance of walking around the pool area and have services done easily for them.”  

I really wish we were able to secure his own condo before the pandemic happened, he can’t come home because of the pandemic but to some who are looking to invest on a unit, check out RLC Residences because the usual perks of owning a residence was added all thanks to the wonderful folks of RLC Residences.  

In an effort to contribute to the growing number of vaccinated Filipinos, RLC Residences has taken the initiative to open a vaccination program for its residents.


The various Property Management Offices of RLC Residences developed projects have recently been working with local government units in keeping with its commitment to provide homeowners with a better residential experience and build stronger community connections.

First batch of homeowners from Axis Residences getting their first dose of Covid-19 Vaccine
At neighboring mall Robinsons Forum last August 20.


The program kicked off last August 20, 2021, with a round of first doses for homeowners living within RLC Residences properties in Mandaluyong City. These include Gateway Residences, Gateway Garden Ridge, Sonata Private Residences, and Axis Residences. Those who qualify for the vaccination program are all its official residents and their families, with senior citizens and persons with disabilities prioritized by giving their first shot inside their homes. In addition, onsite Property Management Team members, including housekeeping, security and technical staff, are also included as vaccine recipients.

COVID-19 Vaccinatation for Sonata Private Residences homeowners
held last Sept. 1 at the property’s garden area.


Following the initial roll-out, RLC Residences is also pursuing the expansion of the program to other properties in Pasig and Quezon City, such as The Pearl Place, East of Galleria, The Sapphire Bloc, Vimana Verde, Acacia Escalades, The Magnolia Residences, Escalades at the 20th, Escalades East Tower and Galleria Regency.


With this initiative already in place, RLC Residences aims to safeguard their spaces for their homeowners and employees with vaccines and their strict compliance with national pandemic protocols. Just recently, Axis Residences and Radiance Manila Bay received their Safety Seal Certifications from the Mandaluyong and Pasay LGUs for complying with the minimum public health standards.

Mandaluyong LGU Representatives visited some senior citizens and bedridden homeowners and administer the first dose inside their unit.


To learn more about RLC Residences and the communities it continues to nurture, you may visit their website at www.rlcresidences.com. You can also find them on social media via Facebook @RLCResidencesPH and Instagram @rlc_residences.

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