Thursday, October 7, 2021

Hairstyle: Back to my Childhood


On ribbons and wastage.

Let’s not throw them away! 

In a year, I receive so many PR Kits, gifts and cakes and ribbons are visible at least 60% of the time.  I used to keep all the ribbons and ended up throwing them all away especially during pandemic.  I just want to live a simpler, mess-free life!  As if throwing a box-ful of ribbons would make a huge difference!  *laughs*

I felt bad for throwing some luxury branded ribbons because I would flex a Chanel or LV ribbon!  :P  But truth be told, I want to show you even the simplest, cheapest ribbon can make a nice hairstyle!

Remember this?

Ahhh one of my favorite hairstyle!  I remember getting so excited when my big sister would hold a hairbrush, hair tie and ribbon and call my name!  I mean, there are days your big sister just don’t want to be bothered right?

It seems so complicated and difficult for me to do as I stare at my sis in awe.  “How could she do this?”  Hahaha she was my hairstyling idol and I remember telling her I’d be a hairstylist when I grow older and open my own salon.  I did not make my salon-dream come true but as a hairstylist —- yes!

1. Comb nair thoroughly before tyoing into ponytail to prevent tangle.
2. You may curl your hair for better results, make sure to hairbrush off cirls for a more natural wave.
3. Secure flyaways withgel or hairspray.

Watch my simple tutorial just for kicks!  You all know you don’t need a tutorial as this is darn simple to do!  But this short video will bring you back to good ‘ol COVID-free memory lane!

Love ya!  Stay happy!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

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