Monday, October 4, 2021

NEW! Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara


Ah, Sephora Philippines recently sent me their newest Mascara available on their website from Too Faced.

Too Faced Cosmetics has been around for so many years and as much as I have great experience with their makeup products —- easpecially their eyeshadows.  I haven’t tried a single mascara from the brand so this was perfect timing!

One thing I checked, this mascara is ophthalmologist-tested, which is good as I have very sensitive eyes ! SO I made sure I was clear on that department before I further test this product.  I have used this mascara for a total of 7 times for 7 days!  And here’s what I have to say!

Sephora PH website description:

What it is:

A mascara that stretches your lashes to dramatic lengths and defies gravity with 24-hour curl.

What it does:

This mascara was created to stretch and lift lashes to their sexy limits. The slim brush was designed to help maximize the length and curl of straight lashes as it hugs the natural curvature of the lash line, reaching to the roots of lashes to deliver dramatic volume while helping separate lashes with fanned bristles. This non-smudging, warm water washable formula gives you weightless volume and long, lush lashes so amazing, they’re… BETTER THAN SEX!

My first-try was a good experirence because I like how the tube was heavy enough for me to have a nice “grip”.  Overall, the packaging and the look earn a good thumbs up from me, well considering the price, at least they made it look really good and expensive!

On to the wand, I like the curve side of the brush making it easier for me to reach the bottom part of my lashes which I hardly ever do.

On first layer, I can easily see the lenghtening, it may not look obvious on photos but in person, I can see my lashes increased in length and it darkened my lashes at some point.  Not WOW type of volume but good enough to see the effect.

Bear in mind that I have super thin, sparse lashes so this is the best before and after photo I took.  I can imagine girls having thick and full lashes to fully enjoy the benefits of using this mascara.

What I noticed from this mascara is the nice formulation - non-clumping no matter how many layers I applied!  I was surprised how it can curl up my lashes as well even without using an eyelash curler.  The formulation is lightweight and my lashes stayed lifted the whole day!  
Good news is, no smudging even if I worked out and cooked on a steamy kitchen!

Better Than Sex…STEAMY..what a nice combo!  *laugh*

If you want to see a better look on how this mascara works, take a look at this quick application video I uploaded on my Instagram page.

Is it worth investing Php1,900 for a mascara?
Yes and NO!
Yes if you have sensitive eyes and needed a mascara that is suitable even for contact lens wearer.  Yes, it is very gentle I don’t feel any burning sensation on my eyes which I sometimes encounter on other brands.
If you already have long and thick lashes to start with and you don’t have issues using drugstore brands - you may continue to do so!

How do you like this mascara so far?
Do you think it’s worth the price?

Too Faced Better Than Sex Doll Lashes Mascara is available at

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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