Friday, November 26, 2021

Maybelline Colorsensational Cushion Matte Lip Tints Swatches and Thoughts


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I missed you guys!  I have een super busy with my son’s quizzes and home projects so I only get to update on my social media accounts - shameless plug ahead, follow me on Instagram and Facebook !

So anyways, I recently tried Maybelline newest Colorsensational Cushion Matte Lip Tints and these are amazing!  Maybelline always nailed their lip shades so I don’t even have to comment much on that - they just nail all the shades we want and works for us!  

I remembered talking to their previous Brand Manager and I was told they really take time to do a study on the shades that would work for Filipinas thus these or some of the shades were actually made for the Philippine market.  

All 5 shades are unique and beautiful in their own way, TBH, you don’t need all 5, there are quite a number of similar shades (a.k.a. First 3 and the last 2 is also close )  I said CLOSE, not same.  

The Devil Wears Red

My favorite red of them all!  A true blue tone red that would make my teeth look whiter, I apologize in advance for not smiling with teeth - I forgot! Hahaha but hey, trust my words for it!  It is so beautiful I can wear this alone without much makeup on and people would think I took an effort!

Urban Spice 

Urban Spice screams a bit of 90’s.  Or shall I say, I remember my own mom whenever I wear this!  This used to be the choice of lipstick shade my mom would wear when I was young.  I remember looking at her gently twisting up her favorite lipstick and would wear it slowly, taking her time, calling it her own 5-second ME TIME.  Surprisingly, I am not a fan of RETRO shades but this is very unique in its’ own special way - plus the fact that I remember my mom a lot and I can’t visit her as much as I am keeping this shade close to my heart.

Girl Who Rules

Girl Who Rules is the daughter of the first 2 shades above!  If you don’t like your lipstick too seriously red and orange is not our thing, go for this!  It has a beautiful reddish orange tint you can’t tell how many lipstick you are wearing depending on the direction of sunlight and depending on how much you apply.  

Sunset Affair

Sunset Affair is my go-to lipcolor if I am rushing for a fresh makeup look for a quick Zoom Meeting or event.  I don’t look like I am wearing TOO MUCH makeup at home and yet, I don’t look like someone who lack time to fix herself up.  You be the judge!  

Pink Addiction

I personally dislike pink colored lipsticks I am not sure why when you search back my blog —- I always wear PINK LIPSTICKS!  Hahaha, I guess it is the COMING OF AGE!  For some reason, I find this too teeny-boppy but once applied and worn for more than 10 minutes, I am getting used to this shade and it actually….a PINK that works for women in 40s, 50s or 60s!  

So,which shade is your favorite among them all?
These are long-wearing, snot as matte at first application but the shine goes away after 15-20 minutes.  My lips are extremely dry so I need to apply lipbalm in between the day but they are NON-drying or tight on lips.  

I highly recommend everyone to try this because it is inexpensive pa for Php259.00.  Available online at Lazada as well!  

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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