Thursday, January 27, 2022

My Cute YooBao Powerbank from JG Superstore


Even at home, I depend on Powerbanks like no other!  I work a lot in every corner of my house!  When my son is doing his online school, I sit next to him either working or playing games!  In the afternoon, I work beside him as he answers his homeworks.  I also cook a lot and take videos and photos of the steps of my cooking so I don’t have access to direct “plug” so at this point, you probably understood how much of a Powerbank-dependent I am and I have a whole drawer of powerbanks!  

One thing for sure, I’ve found the cutest powerbank to date!  My Yoobao M4 Pro Pink Powerbank and it costs only Php399.00 available HERE.

Quick feature taken from their website:

  • Mini Light Portable
  • LED digital display, visible power
  • Apple Android dual input, only with a line can
  • Dual-port output, charging with 2 mobile phones
  • 1.5 hours full of mobile phones
  • Large compatibility

I was able to charge full battery of my iPhone11 Pro Max 2-3 x (not fully drained battery) and I also get to charge my Android Phone at the same time.  I like it that there are 2 ways to charge the Powerbank, via Micro USB or Lightning Charger (Apple users).

There are nothing more technical to talk about this and I am obviously using layman’s term but you understood just how much this Powerbank made me happy and that’s all it matters.  Well, secondly, it is inexpensive for a quality brand!

Does cute Powerbanks matter to you?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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