Sunday, January 16, 2022

SALO Lechon Belly


Second time to eat Salo’s Lechon Belly and it never fail to impress me with the extra crispiness.

You don’t believe me?  I did not believe it myself.  It was delivered at 11am so imagine this to be cooked hours before.  By lunch time, no need to reheat and we ate it as is, very crunchy, tasty and the meat is tender with the right amount of thin layer of fats.

The meat itself is very flavorful because you can see just how much herbs and spieces they use!  They did not scrimp on that.

An order comes with Achara and Garlic suka.  The combination is just perfect!  

Now let’s talk about dinner time, I just reheat everything in an oven and it came out fresh as newly cooked!  And best of all, this shocked me even more!  The next day, I have a few pieces left and I don’t wan tto hassle of turning on the whole oven for a smal piece.  I simply refried it using a non-stick pan with few oil —- it came out perfect!  Even crunchier!  I just don’t know how they prepare this dish but they are doing it right 1000% !

Just hear the crunch to believe!

You can order by calling 0919-0940-784.
Salo is available in the following SM Branches (SM City North EDSA, SM Megamall, Fairview, Gateway Mall Cubao, Taytay, Sucat, San Lazaroa nd SouthMall).  They are also available in provincial branches.  
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