Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Orly Impressions Collection Nails


Dear AMW Friends,

I'm back doing nail art once again because as you all know, I stopped when I turned into a mom!  Taking care after a Baby, then Toddler is NO JOKE!  It is true what most people say, you don't have time for yourself even a single application of nail polish became a chore!

Now that my son is 9 years old!  YES!  Time flew by so fast, I have the option to do some self-care routine even if I have to wait for wee hours of night when he finally fell asleep!  (Not complaining here!)  

A girl who loves nail art by heart.....is finally back and this time using the Orly's Impressions Collection!

I think the collection has a total of 6 shades and I got 4 our of the 6!

Orly Impressions Collection Nails
L-R Artist's Garden, Bleu Iris, Dance with Me, Golden Afternoon

The ORLY Polishes are know to be silky creme shades, easy to apply with the flat brush and dries up easily!  If applied correctly, you don't have to worry about chip!  

As always, whenever I get a "collection", I try to use all shades proving how a collection really complements each other!  

Orly Impressions Collection Nails

How do you like this look?

ORLY Polishes are available locally at Purebeauty.

(Author got sample sizes but full sized Orly Impressions polishes costs Php395.00 per bottle.)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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