Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Blazer On and Off OOTD


Hello AMW Friends!
I am still working from home with various ZOOM calls and interviews with clients for HR jobs.  Yes, if you don't know, I am still on the HR field!  But I'll keep that a secret as my job is somewhat like CSI :P  #JustJoking 

So because the heat is going crazy and wearing a blazer is still important to some culture like that from Japan and Hong Kong.  I've invested on my favorite pastel colored coordinates (they are actually NOT coordinates as I bought them separately!)  Thankful for the similar shades I was able to call this a coords!

Blazer: From Hong Kong, Shorts: Zalora, Inner Tank Top: Forever 21

And because of the heat, I can easily remove the blazer while waiting for my next schedule and do mom tasks like tutor and cooking!  I make sure to wear my apron thought OR ELSE :P

How do you like this look?
Would you wear this too?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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