Thursday, May 19, 2022

Zippies to the Rescue for School Time!


I am honestly worried when my son goes back to school.  Real talk here, my son didn't get a single sickness during pandemic - homeschool means not exposed to kids who may be sick and having air-conditioned classrooms means not a perfect air circulation setting.  

These are inevitable though.  I cannot wrap my son in a bubble forever so preparing him to keep things organize and himself clean and hygienic, the training starts at home.

And since I love to organization, why not teach them young and be stylish while at it?

Introducing, my new online find --- Zippies PH

I have bought and purchased Zippies bags online during the pandemic and I use them to organize my refrigerator!  From spices to fruits and vegetables, I also use these for snacks like cookies and chips!  We even numbered our bags to make sure we don't mix dry goods from wet goods - you guys know how some food smells even after washing right?  HELLO Garlic and Onion bags! :P

So to separate the bags from home and my son, I am glad Zippies introduced their new Zippies Lab Mickey and Friends Blogger Series!  It is a 5-pc bag organizer set that is perfect for kids and adults alike.

Zippies Mickey and Friends to the Rescue for School Time!

I love the neutral tone so this can work for both boys and girls!  It comes with various sizes and even included a tissue holder with bag hanger!  That is smart I tell you!  Very apt for our current situation!

While at it, you may also checkout the Zippies Disney Mickey Jeepney!  Very Pinoy and I am loving it!  Imagine taking this along when you travel and proudly showing these to random people you meet?  Nakaka Proud na Mickey Mouse says "Sakay na!" :D

Zippies Mickey and Friends to the Rescue for School Time!

Here's a quick Instagram Reel on how I would use the bags!  Of course, you can be creative and use it however you like!  The options are endless!

Organize in style now!

You may shop at Shopee, Lazada or

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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