Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Korean Drama Hair in 5 Minutes Less


I have been practicing, learning, and doing a lot of people's hair for a decade!  I find it more difficult to style my own hair because....self explanatory!

With the pandemic, I've got more time to practice and I've unlocked a lot of hairstyles whether simple or complicated ones.  I believe that learning never ceases.  

So today, I am sharing Korean Drama hair!  The style that seems "undone" but very pretty!  Like how could Korean actresses get perfect hair on a scene they just woke up?

Here's a simple look inspired by Korean Drama.  If there's no makeup makeup look, I call this a No Hairstyle Hairstyle!

Tada!  Seems like this is my normal hair look right?  Nah!  My hair is stick straight with a lot of frizz in between!

Korean Drama Hair in 5 Minutes Less

You only need a a 1.5 inch curling iron (I used Remington) and only need to section your hair into 4!  (Depending on how thick your hair is!).  Imagine, I was able to do this hairstyle in 5 minutes less!

Korean Drama Hair in 5 Minutes Less

If you want your hairstyle to stay longer, use a heat protectant mist for curl like that from Fuwarie and finish off the look with another spritz or light hairspray!

Korean Drama Hair in 5 Minutes Less

A quick IF reel on how I created this hairstyle!

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