Saturday, August 27, 2022

Aegyo-Sal Tutorial


The Aegyo-sal trend has been around for as long as I can remember.  It was around way back when I started Blogging which was year 2007-2008.  Why is it such a hit again?

Aegyo-Sal Tutorial

Blame Tiktok and IG reels!  These videos make it even more fun to try this trend!

I personal think NOT everyone should jump in to this trend as this look isn't meant for everybody!  Haven't you noticed most who does Aegyo-sal look uses satrated Filters too?  Because to really make look work, you got to have a super smooth makeup base,  and well, you should NOT have dark undereye circles and puffy eyes!  

If you said yes to those "don'ts"'s finally time to do this look!

Aegyo-Sal Tutorial

I had to use thicker concealer to hide undereye dark circles and did the Aegyo-sal tutorial darker than usual for it to show up on video.  In reality, the less obvious, the better!

After trying out so many products, the best ones to use for Aegyo-sal is a crease liner pen from Kate Tokyo.  Most video tutorials uses eyebrow powders or contour powder but they won't last!  They won't!!!  And I am speaking as someone who has dry skin, does not perspire on the face and does not oil up!  Imagine if you have oily skin?

Watch this quick tutorial and let me know your thoughts, would you like to try this trend?  I only did this once for the video tutorial but if you ask me, I would not take the extra effort to create such look!

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