Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Benefit Brow Zing Pro Palette Review


I've done a lot of makeup workshops and I always get the same question: "How to create natural-looking brows?"

And when I check on their makeup kit, most of them own Brow Pencils and liners.  I don't have a problem with that of course as all brow products can create natural-looking brows with the right application.

For first timers though, I highly recommend trying out brow powders - yes, scary to admit but brow powders are easier for first timer and the result will always be more natural.

Now that we put that thought away, I will share a brow kit I've been using for months now and I have also been double tasking this kit as an eyeshadow.

And since I have done gazillion of tutorials for brows, I will now share you an option to create defined brows or fluffy brows. 

Defined brows are great if you are a professional who like to look more made-up and professional in front of people while fluffy is perfect if you want to create that natural, relaxed vibe.

Truth be told, there is no better than the other brow-style, it all depends on which brow style you feel good.

Check out how I apply both brow styles!  Let me know which style you like the most!

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