Monday, August 29, 2022

Work to Workout Look


With everything opening up, restaurants, schools, and a lot more!  I am so lucky with meetings that are still done online.  I mean let's set COVID aside for a moment, I still don't want to go out because of Traffic!  I mean if things can be done online, why not?  I am so happy and thankful some companies feel the same.

That said, I already mastered my Work-From-Home game!  If there's a game!  My schedule is crazier and busier!  With Kyle's classes back in full blast and he is now in Grade 4, the exams and homeworks are CRAZY!!!!  Aside from the cooking mama job, I had to tutori him at the same time with my PR work and blogging work back in full blast, yes, I don't know how I can still manage it.  But so far, still good.  I just have to do a lot of changes in both schedule and the way I prepare myself.

Makeup - CHECK!

Outfit - CHECK!  for both Client meetings straight to working out!

If there's one outfit piece that I happily invest on, these are oversized Blazers!  I got this as a set and I always mix and match key pieces with my other outfit.  Just like this one!

An oversize formal blazer with a black top and ..... cycling shorts! :P

The top I picked can pass up as something a bit formal (ribbon and pleats and all! I am actually wearing a black sports bra underneath so you know the drill!  Straight to working out after meeting or in between meetings!  My meetings aren't usually packed closed to each other, there were waiting time approximatey 45 minutes to 1 hour --- so that means, I can do some weight lifting in between --- no cardio because that would ruin my hair! :P

As for makeup, I maintain light and natural-looking makeup.

How do you like this multi-tasking look?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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