Friday, September 23, 2022

Glossy Brown Lips is My Thing!


Remember when matte brown lipsticks are super "in" in the 90's?

My friend who came from Canada gifted me with a gorgeous matte brown lipstick from MAC Cosmetics.  It was so beautiful but my lips were the same as today - dry and parched.  And it was not a great sight to see matte brown lipstick on a dry lips!

Fast forward to 2022, I still have my dreams of looking like a cool kid in the 90's.  And a lot of 90's fashion are coming back anyway right?  And guess what?  I finally found a brown lipstick that would look great on me!  And to YOU who also have dry lips like I do!  Let's all raise our arms and thank the makeup heaven!

Glossy Brown Lips

Mary Kay Unlimited Lip Gloss
Shade: Tawny Nude
Price: USD16.00 (Approx Php800.00)

Glossy Brown Lips

Thankfully, this comes in a lot of shades to choose from and each tube is formulated with Vitamin C and E that is why it is very comfortable to wear.  

Don't be tricked though as they have 3 types of finishes - Cream, Pearl and Shimmer.  So you really need to check out various swatches online or probably look for a Mary Kay agent locally so you can try on testers.

Glossy Brown Lips

This shade goes up to my favorite brown lipstick list - there's NONE!  As I only have a few to almost NONE as of the moment to call as my favorite.  So yes, this tops them all!

Glossy Brown Lips

What about you? Have you been around the 90's brown lipstick fad?
Have you found the best brown lipstick as of the moment?  
Comment down below your favorite brand and shade!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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