Wednesday, September 21, 2022

How To Apply False Lashes


Hello everyone!
I've done How to Apply False lashes so many times in this blog but mostly with photos.  

Read: "How to Apply Falsies"

And the application still holds the same with a bit of "upgrade" to make things easier.  We are in this generation where things are easier right?

Aside from methods become easier and quicker, I have to raise a point that lashes are getting better - more natural and lightweight! And let's not forget friendlier price tag!

Kudos to Nippon Esthetic for creating super lightweight and easy-to-apply false lashes!  I am loving this design called Margherita!  I am unsure how many times I wore this on special occasions!

A quick IG Reel on how to apply!
I hope this helps!

Final Look
Quite natural looking right?

Some notes to remember:

  • Pick natural-looking lashes for starters so you don't feel overwhelmed with how different you might look.
  • Invest on really good eyelash glue - try DUO, KISS NY, ARDELL.
  • Use a tweezer to aid in application and a handheld mirror.
  • Cut desired length.  Best to cut the outer part of the lashes to prevent sharp band from sticking into your eyes.
  • Wait for glue to turn tacky before you apply on your lashes.
  • Apply looking downwards with a mirror below your face.  It will be easier.
  • You can freely move the lashes and adjust while glue isn't completely dry.
I hope these notes will help you in applying your own set of falsies!

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