Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Black and White Makeup


I did a makeup look for black and white photography.

I studied makeup artistry a decade ago and I remembered my favorite lesson was that of a Black and White photography makeup.  I know it is not that important nowadays - I mean who takes Black and White photographs?


I wish you do too because it is something unique, nice and it honestly gave me that warm-fuzzy feeling.  Hindi dahil panahon ko siya ok?? :P (Not because I was born in the B&W era, okay?)

It is better if you wore a black top for this particular photo-op.

Are you ready for the result?

When it comes to makeup, you don't have to go overboard.  Simplicity is still the key to a nice outcome for B&W photographs.

A nice smile of course will always be welcome!

Darker contour 

Best to contour key areas of your face especially on cheeks (for that cheekbones to pop) and the sides of the nose.

Dark matte red or pink lipstick is better.

Dark matte red is what my teacher asked us to use but feel free to use any dark lip color!  It still works!

Do not use SPF
No white cast or flash back.

Use neutral colored eye makeup and define eyes with false lashes and thicker eyeliner.

At the end of the day, since we are on digital world, it is easier just to practice and keep on taking loads of photos and pick one that looks best!

Do you want more tips on Black and White photography makeup?  
Comment down below and I can do more!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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