Sunday, September 11, 2022

Super Bowl Of China Party Trays



Like the game, I slice everything quick and fast.  

We may be a family of 3 but I cook for family of 5 - I deliver my dishes to my in-laws and prepare more dishes for my husband to bring to work the next day.

So I can imagine you thinking - how do I survive?


And I have No-Cook days!  

My No-cook days are usually on Sundays - and the Party Trays for Super Bowl of China is a nice Gift to me that I welcome mid-week!  I was able to enjoy no-cook day and not rush tutoring my son!  - Seriously, GRADE 4 is NO JOKE!

Back to the restaurant.  I remembered dining at Super Bowl of China either SM MOA or Robinsons Manila.  It is a perfect place to dine with my family as both sides of the family loves Chinese food.  And Super Bowl Of China delivers in terms of taste and quality. 

Because of COVID pandemic, our family gatherings in restaurants stopped because I have Senior Parents and my dad suffered from stroke and is bedridden.  So home delivery is an ans
wer to that so I can still show my usual love in the language of FOOD!

Best of all, even Kyle loves these dishes so much he thanked me for cooking and he said he loved is so much.  Unfortunately anak, di luto ng nanay mo yan!  But I get him, it tasted like homecooked meals!

Watch this video made with love!  

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Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


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