Thursday, October 20, 2022

How to Apply Cheek Tint Seamlessly


At this stage and time, there more brands coming up with Cheek Tints!  One brand that I honestly LOVE and collect all the tints are from Benefit.  

Benetint is my ultimate fave and it made me love the brand from the start.  But afterwards, Cha Cha Tint won my heart and I even repurchased many bottles for Professional gigs.  After throwing out a lot of the tints - as a little goes a long way and they expired on me.  I am glad to try one of the newer shades PLAY TINT - God save me, they are coming up with more shades pa!

Benefit's Play Tint is honestly so easy to use.  But easy may be for me, but not for you!  So here's a quick tutorial on how to apply tints (in general) seamlessly!

All you need is a Tint of choice and a STIPPLING BRUSH.

How to Apply Cheek Tint Seamlessly


  1. If tints are natural-looking, complete your base makeup first without setting with powder.
  2. Apply cheektint at the back of hand or a dish, grab a few amount of product with your Stippling brush.  Tap excess on tissue, hand or dish before applying straight on cheeks.
  3. Stipple the product on cheeks gently and if the tint is super pigmented, blend out excess using a clean sponge..
  4. If the effect is too much on your cheeks, diffuse the color by adding powder foundation on top.

How to Apply Cheek Tint Seamlessly

This method will definitely create a seamless blush look!  See the result?

How to Apply Cheek Tint Seamlessly

For you to better understand the steps, please watch this short video tutorial.

For more product details, availability and pricing (Some of the products mentioned here aren't available in counters YET), so follow Benefit Cosmetics Philippines on Facebook and follow them on IG

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