Monday, October 17, 2022

Vodana Glam Wave Curler Review


If you type in hair curlers on this blog's search box, you will probably see that for someone who has only 1 head of hair, I do own a number of hair tools!  Don't get me wrong, hairstyling was my first love that is why I studied hair cutting and hair styling first before I studied make up artistry.  

I am frustrated with curling and styling my hair.  I used to sit for hours practicing at my own hair and that includes buying various tools to create the hairstyle I want.  At the end of the day, aside from a good curling tool, you also need a good pair of hands with loads of practice to achieve the hairstyle we all want.

Just like this BEACH WAVES!

A few years ago, I watched this light Korean Drama called True Beauty.  In this story, this girl, who has bad skin learned to do makeup and style her hair to look pretty!  On episode 1, my eyes got caught with this cute pastel-colored curling iron she used and I researched the brand right away -- Korean brand VODANA.  At that time, it was close to impossible to buy this brand because I have to either physically go to Korea or buy from their website which is way more expensive to have it shipped locally.

Thankfully, with the advancement of online shopping (No Thanks to COVID by the way for all the lockdown), I was able to find a Korean seller via Lazada who sells VODANA products.   I did a lot of research and finally went for 32mm size.  

For your reference:

  • 32mm is equivalent to 1.25 inches
  • 36mm is equivalent to 1.5 inches
  • 40mm is equivalent to 1.75 inches
I already own a 1.5 inches iron which I bought more than a decade ago - Read Remington Review

And with  my hair length, I knew 40mm won't do much as the weather calls for CURL NOW- STRAIGHT in 60Seconds! :P

It was an easy-peasy decision and thankfully, the color PURPLE is available as I was left with only Black or Purple.  BORAHAE BTW to fellow ARMYs!

I got the best time of my life curling as soon as I received the VODANA GLAM WAVE CURLER (Php3,134.00)

AMW says ---

  • Very lightweight.  Since I haven't own any NEW gadget when it comes to hair, this is definitely HIGH tech compared to my older and heavier curling irons! 
  • Very pretty - the color and look was just perfect!
  • Nicely packed, the box was cute enough for me to keep and it comes with a free clip.  I wish they give at least 2 clips because that is the least number of sections I would do!
  • The plate is smooth and the clamp does not pull my hair.
  • The length of the curler rod is shorter than most I have and it turned out to be an advantage, you won't have a hard time controlling the twisting and twirling.
  • The box comes with adapter.  Perfect for different countries with different voltage.
  • I wish the box comes with a pouch for travel or a heat pad!  None of them were available considering the price.  I could be wrong though - this could be way cheaper in Korea though.
  • Curls made are perfect and beautiful and lasts the whole day! (of course that would depend your hair texture and condition.)

Take a look at this natural beach waves done in half the time!!!  I am so happy!

What do you think?
Do you love your current curling iron?
Have you heard about the Korean brand VODANA?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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  1. Hello, you have some conversion error in your post. The correct diameter in inch for 36mm and 40mm are respectively 1.4173in and 1.5748in. Thank you.


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