Saturday, October 22, 2022

My Favorite Face Brushes


I have been reviewing a lot of brushes for the past years.  From high end brands to the most inexpensive ones, it is funny how I never shared my top picks!  I mean not everyone can invest on a set of brushes so today, I am sharing my top 4+1 brushes that I can't live without.

My Favorite Face Brushes.  Top face brushes

1. Foundation Brush

I never use this type of brush to "blend" my base, instead, I use this to apply the right amount of product seamlessly to my skin.  This is a nice brush to also apply concealer.  The flat side of the brush gives ample "coverage" so I don't need to use a lot of product because the brush does not absorb as much product as sponges.

My Favorite Face Brushes.  Top face brushes
Foundation brush brand: Estee Lauder

2. Oval Brush

The Oval Brush came out in the latter part of the Beauty Game.  Though I do not talk much about these type of brushes, I pick them up a lot. (if you zoom closer, you can see how worn out the this brush is!) 

How do I use this brush?  I apply a good amount of concealer (usually in Doe Foot applicator) and use this brush to blend the concealer on the undereye area and it gives off a perfect coverage.  With the extra product on brush, I sweep it on the sides of my nose, chin and other areas of my face and it immediately covers spots and redness!  I can do my makeup half the time because of this brush, 

My Favorite Face Brushes.  Top face brushes
Oval Brush Brand: Etude House

3. Powder Brush
Before I say anything about the usage, can we just stop for a moment and appreciate this brush brand that does not exist anymore?  I received this brush to review year 2008 from the brand THEVI.  Though the brand isn't around anymore, I would still give it a moment to say - this is still my BEST POWDER BRUSH EVER!!!  

Pick a powder brush that is made with natural hair, right shape and size and of course, it has to be dense for better control!  

Powder brush can be used to apply setting powder, powder foundation, powdered blush, contour and highlight powder. 

My Favorite Face Brushes.  Top face brushes
Powder brush brand: Thevi (discontinued)

4. Angled Face Brush
This one is from MAC.  There are many good angled face brush brand nowadays that works similarly as good as the MAC one.  This brush is perfect for - contouring, highlighting and even blush application.

My Favorite Face Brushes.  Top face brushes
Angled Face Brush brand: MAC Cosmetics

As for my secret 5th favorite face brush, please watch the video below!

Where you surprised with my 5th favorite?
Do you have a favorite face brush you would want to add?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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