Saturday, October 29, 2022

I have Tattoos!!!


A lot of people who personally knew me would know that I would NEVER tattoo my body!  It is not in my personality to be that adventurous.  But nowadays, having tattoos isn't that bad, with the option of colors, small delicate designs, there comes a moment where I would like to have a small one either at the back of my shoulder or ankle area.

Why not try using temporary tattoos?  

I've done it so many times but they all look fake and unnatural.  That defeats the purpose of looking adventurous *laughs*

Recently, I was contacted by FreakyNine.  Freakynine is a recently launched Korean online store that sells unique tattoo designs made by real Korean Tattoo Artists!  At present, I was told they are working with 10 artists and they have more designs to follow!  After checking out their English website, I've found a lot of designs I would personally want if I want a permanent Tattoo Design!  They have a wide range of designs that would suit your personality!

These are just a few designs I picked get 2 sheets of similar designs so you can always go for 2nd round if you like the design so much.  

I went for DORAN Sparkly Butterflies for the back of my right shoulder.  I have a mole on that part of my body so it is perfect to cover it with these Freakynine tattoos since I have a Beach wedding to attend to and this delicate design goes so well for the occasion.

A closer look.  Real story update:  I was approached several times by guests thinking I had a real tattoo!  They all gave a loud gasp when I told them these are just temporary!  

Best of all, NO WATER NEEDED.  You just stick these temporary tattoos on desired area and press it with your hand for around 30 seconds and you have a nice tattoo that lasts more than a week!

Since I am a BTS Fan, this Swimming Whale design hits the spot!  I apply it on the ankle area and it looks so real it freaked myself out!

Note: Even if I scrub it lightly with loofah (Hard habit to break!) , the design stayed fresh and new!

I can't wait to wear other designs and check out more of their upcoming and newer designs on the website!  If like me, you can't commit for the real thing, I really enjoyed using Freakynine Temporary tattoos and wouldn't mind recommending them to my friends!  

For more information and design placement inspiration: 
Official Store

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