Tuesday, February 14, 2023

VT Cosmetics Cica Skincare Products Thoughts


This product, I received last year around September or October.  I usually share just my initial thoughts since I do test a lot of skincare products but guess what?  I actually "hit the pan" on all these products from VT Cosmetics.

I tested 3 products from the Brand --

VT Cosmetics Cica Cream (Php1,200)
VT Cosmetics PRO Cica Daily Moisture Mask (Php1,290.00)
VT Cosmetics Cleansing Oil (php1,200)

Here's a quick test on the effectiveness of their cleansing oil.  The product is lightweight and does not blur my eyes.  It does remove certain waterproof makeup but as always, I can't get these close to my eyes so I do extra step on cleansing using gentle eye makeup remover for waterproof mascaras and liners.

I usually apply a good amount all over my face with eyes closed.  I gently massage the product all over making sure to be gentle on the eye area.  I lather it a bit by adding a few amount of water and after a few minutes, I would wash them all off!  The product smells good, does not sting and irritate my sensitive skin and does remove approximately 80% of my full makeup.

If I do wear very heavy makeup, I would use the same product to apply on a cotton pad and gently "melt" the waterproof makeup with cotton pad before I proceed to face wash.

Now let's talk about THIS MASK!  One of my favorite daily mask!  I have been using this almost daily since I got this.  One factor aside from it being really good on skin and how soothing it felt especially on days my skin felt dry and wonky.  There is a small CON for this product and it doesn't have to do with the product itself.  The packaging is not good!  The product was starting to leak so I had to tape it --- the product seeps through tape and I had to put it on a Tupperware or something to prevent the product or mask from drying out!  I just wish they would do something about the bottom of this packaging since they just use a "sticker" for the bottom instead of full on plastic container.

This comes with a plastic "Tweezer" so you don't need to put your hands inside.  Great job in preventing the product from getting contamiated but since these masks were folded several times (per sheet), I had to grab them with my hands anyways. 

A small price to pay for a great product in my opinion!  This is really great and I have been recommending this to my family and friends.

Lastly, VT Cosmetics Cica Cream is one of their star product - for me.  This is a gel cream that works for ALL skin types!  I love using this to create a thin mask all over my face before I go to bed.  I also like to use thicker layer of this whenever I use skincare tools - Foreo, Emay, etc... Because this is "gel-like" this works so well with my FOREO Bear and I don't feel as much electric current as compared to other creams.

Gel-like texture.  A little goes a long way. This tiny drop would work for almost the whole face (applied thinly for daytime) and I would use 2-3 dots for nighttime as a masque.

Sits on top of your skin like a barrier and stays that way for longer period of time as compared to other brands.

VT Cosmetics is a Korean skincare brand and for my first 3 products that I tested, I am impressed with this brand.  Their price points are affordable and friendly considering how skincare products for sensitive skin are usually priced higher.  

I can't wait to try out their other products since I already finished them all!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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