Thursday, April 20, 2023

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner Review


Brow liner pencils are something I really work with because it is perfect for daily and easiest to use.  

But how good should a brow liner pencil be in my humble opinon?

It must come with various shades to choose from, it must have powdery and natural finish and it SHOULD stay until make up removal!

I recently tried SilkyGirl’s newest shades of Hi-Definition Brow Liners, they have 3 in the past and released 3 new ones.  

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner Review

Top To bottom: 03 Ash Brown , 04 Natural Brown and 05 Soft Gray

Tried Ash Brown on left side brow facing you against the right one that was unfilled.  Can you see the difference?

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner Review

Right Brow wearing Natural Brown

Which one do you like better?  If you want to watch my FIRST TRY thoughts ——

Watch HERE

SilkyGirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner Review

Overall, I am very much impressed with the qualitty of these brow pencils.  They are definitely better than previous ones I have tried and they are more pigmented and I super love the powder and natural finish.  I also like how the product has “wax” on it so it kind a fix my brows and sets it in place at a certain extent.  Meaning, the brows will still fall down as it is not a brow wax anyways but it helps lift some brow hairs which looks pretty  nice.

As for longevity - yes it stays until make up removal.  

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