Monday, January 22, 2024

Look: From Tired to Energetic

 YOU and ME!  Should be an expert with our own faces.  I have read comments on: “I can’t put makeup on!”  “I just don’t know how to apply makeup!”

I can’t seem to accept that fact because I started saying those statements as early as highschool and changed my own thinking when I grabbed makeup samples from my Aunts in Canada and started practicing on my own face looking like a bruised student but still washed it off (with NOT makeup remover) but soap!  

You may bash me for saying this but makeup is a skill that can be learnt!  I am NOT good with Art class and always have the lowest scores in all my subjects but I ended up being a makeup artist because I WANTED TO!  

I am still not as good (well no one will ever be) compared to the greatest famous MUAs out there but I strive to learn and improve my craft every chances I get!

So to YOU reading this who thinks makeup is rocket Science….well, you don’t have to start with Smoky Eye Makeup Looks right away or try to perfect a winged liner.  You cn start as easy as blush placement application or applyig lipstick that would make your face appear brighter!

Makeup application is not only a skill you need to learn, you also need to have a skill of being comfortable enough to practice on your own skin and pick the right shades that make you feel GOOD whenever you see your own reflection.  I mean, do not pick colors that look good on Kpop idols are stars but instead, wear colors that make you feel beautiful!

Wow with my speech right?
Well, I have been trying to push some of my readers and followers who were messaging me telling me how clumsy they are when it comes to makeup.  I just can’t seem to accept that fact because I can call that myself.  I can’t even seen to cut a straight cut as of this very moment!

If you felt attacked by my message, feel free to click.X and leave this post because I do not welcome negativity….but if you understand my point of view, feel free to continue reading because I love you guys and wanted to push you guys to strive harder —- not only about Makeup but life in general!

Here’s a look I can quickly do on a daily basis without spending too much time because #AsABusyWorkingMom is my hashtag!

Products used: Bio-Gold
@laneigeph Sleeping Mask Lip balm
@narsissist tinted foundation, Lost In Luster Palette
@pixibeautyph CC Correction Concentrate pencil, Lash Booster Mascara , Brow Gel Fixer
@kaneboglobalph Lively Coral Eyeshadow Palette
@hourglasscosmetics Jellyfish Palette
@maccosmeticsph Skinfinish Powder, Fix+ Lavender
@bobbibrownph True Pink Lipstick
@kissmephilippines Heroine Make Black liner
@strokesbeautyph Brow Pencil
@makeupforever Aqua Liner Pencil (moss green)

Watch this video for a detailed version on how I did this makeup look.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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