Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review


I don't know about you but I am stressed with random white hairs popping out from top of my head every month after coloring!  Why can't you just appear maybe after at least a quarter or so?

I do not look my age, a lot of my friends who are being nice to me would always say.  But my hair is definitely giving the "STOP FAKING YOUR AGE!" trend.  Do you have to be that ARROGANT in showing off super white hair???? :P

Shame on you.  This girl ain't going down!  

Thankfully, I got to discover Michiko Hair Color Shampoo (Available HERE) from a good friend.

Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review

Michiko Haircare is made from all natural ingredients so no offensive smell! Easy to apply like how you would when you shampoo your hair.  Start applying to the regrowth area then I would massage all over hair and cover it with shower cap as I watch my favorite K-Drama.  

Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review

There's a small hint of Chinese medicinal scent but definitely better than chemical scent.  It does not sting my scalp and I used 2 packs of shade Chestnut Brown 2x already since I learned about this product.

It is said to last around 4-6 weeks but I was able to extend it to almost 3 months because I use Purple Shampoo and conditioner.

My hair after coloring with Michiko Chestnut Brown.

Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review in Chestnut Brown

Since the product is organic and no harmful chemicals, please do not set your expectations too high.  I do not use this if I plan to "COLOR" my hair or create a super obvious color, instead, I use this as my regrowth hair color.  A color I can do several times a year without damaging my hair and scalp!  

I like to use this to "even out" my hair color and that said, I am not surprised the brand created only 3 shades --- Black, Chestnut Brown and Brown.
Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review

See how even my hair looks? I love these so much even my mom uses it regularly .

Michiko Hair Color Shampoo Review

For reference, I used 2 packs (Pho64.75 each). Available at Watsons, Robinsons Supermarket, Mercury Drug, Waltermart, Southstar Drug. Also online Shopee and Lazada

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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