Friday, April 4, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Arezia MakeUp Kit

Ok, as promised, I will give an in-depth review on the Arezia MakeUP Kit. The reason why I bought this is because it was on Strawberrynet's easter sale (less 50%). The original price was $52.00 and I bought this for $26.00. I've got nothing to lose, the colors are really good and I've got different shades of each color! Whatever colors that I may need or use, then that's the time I will buy the color individually.

Here are the specs ---

MakeUp Kit AZ ( 36 Colours of Eyeshadow, 4x Blush, 3x Brow Powder, 2x Powder )

MakeUp Kit AZ 01205

( 36 Colours of Eyeshadow, 4x Blush 2.79g, 3x Brow Powder 1.98g, Pressed Powder 5.04g, Multi-Color Pressed Powder 5.8g )

Here's a crazy test on my Arezia e/s. (take note: no foundation, just a bit of powder. Blush on left and right cheek are not matched as I was testing 2 of the 4 blushes teehee) Talk about excitement to do some tests. Honestly, if i have more than 1 set of eyes, I'll test all the e/s colors at once!!! To show you guys the color pay off! hehehe

DARN, this looks soooo April fools! I should have gotten this palette earlier and go to work looking like this...whatcha think? hahaha

And here's my cute sister-in-law Grace for her first modeling stint hehehe (spare the 80's hair)

Arezia says ----

UHM..... NOTHING? Oh yeah! they said something...


Askmewhats says ---

For the retail price of $52.00, so not worth it! But for a sale price of $26.00 I would say it's ok. Let me break down to you guys what I have to say, I've got lots to say but I just don't know where or how to start hekhekhek

  • For first timers, you've got a lot of variety of colors to choose from without breaking the bank
  • The e/s, oh, is just funny, the e/s is as big as the MAC small e/s. And the color was like divided into 3, so you'd think you'll use it all up easily? Hell NO! I've packed colors after colors after colors and so far, it didn't even looked like I've used it! Picture ABOVE for proof (the one that I'm pointing the color?) I think this is unlimited shadows in a palette! hahaha
  • The blushes are ok, you've got choices of Baby Pink, Peachy Pink, Reddish Pink and browns.
  • The brow powders are ok as well, you've got the black one (for eyelining), the gray and brown ones to fill in those brows!
  • My favorite would be the "mosaic" powder, it gives a good kinda glow to your face. I tested on the reddish blush and it looks too strong, but when I topped it off with a mosaic shimmer powder, it looks so natural
  • The pallet looks super NICE and i can't help but take a look at it again and again, MIRROR is big enough for you to see your whole face!


  • The 36 color e/ li'l colors...felt a bit like...chalk? hehehe I have to scrape it on my brush again and again to pack the colors in my brush. You know this gets me confused, I hate that I have to pack it again and again, but after doing so, the color payoff isn't bad at all! So it could be a love and hate relationship between me and the shadows
  • The glittery part of the shadows are BAD! The glitters are too big and you have them scattered all around your cheek and nose when you applied it on your eyes! (Down glitter, Stay, Sit! Don't move...goooooddd boooyyy!)
  • The mini brush applicator included or not only BAD...just THROW them out please! Not even worth keeping it. Keep the powder applicator though. (it's generic but useable)
  • Apply the shadow with a primer like UDPP or MAC
  • Want the color to show better? Use a creamy off-white or beigy color as base, I tried it and it works nicely
  • To sexify the whole look, use the Shimmery Mosaic powder and brush it all over your face including your eyes (so it doesn't look too crayonish)
Will I repurchase?No, this is enough to last a year! hahaha

Your askmewhats,


  1. Err it looks like a child's play makeup(sorry!) :P But I guess it should be fun getting it, just for the heck of it.

  2. Hmm too bad they feel like chalk. The colours look yummy though. Wait, are they similar to Elianto? The colouf for Elianto is strong but it will get to your shirt.

  3. oohhh... so many pros and cons. the colors truly looks yummy and i like the mosaic powder type! the colors looked like it paid off well. but $26 is too much for me. :) lol! like duh.. ang gastos ko ng eh. maybe its much better if we use wet application. i use that on palettes sometimes and no need for bases. the colors will show.:)

    nikki, i'll post my 72 palette chinese make-up. (P300 or $7).

  4. Hi Tine! Yes, it is a child's play make-up it is but it was fun though.

    Phabmissus, thanks for dropping by, yes it felt like chalk and I tried Elianto only in their testers, so I really can't tell, but based on the testers, it does felt a little bit like Elianto but I believe the Arezia one is chalkier..but the good thing about Arezia? It doesn't get into your clothes. :D

    Shen!!! wow 72 colors palette for $7? hahaha that's a lot of shadows! And no, I'm not going to buy another set of shadows..hahaha I just finished ordering online my NYX shadows and I just get at least the basic rainbow colors and that's it! hehehe :D I'll wait for your post thanks

  5. I'm jealous. that palette looks bad but sad to hear it's not that great. :(

    The color combos look gorgeous darn it that they aren't so great :(

  6. Woahhhhh that's pretty costly, but those colors are so much so much fun (yesss, 2x so much) hehehe

    You should check out Amuse Palette from Cherry Culture, they're great and only $8.00 if I'm not mistaken :D

  7. hey nanzy, thanks for the know, I've seen a lot of great looking stuffs at cherry culture, but i just don't have the guts to click BUY as i haven't heard most of the brands and I don't know how well he pigmentation is..i'll keep my eyes open for sales at cherry culture as the shipping amount of almost 20USD is quite expensive! :D

  8. hi everyone! i got mine for only $14 at the strawberry website. it still on sale, 75% off! so i guess it's really worth it? :)

  9. I got mine for 16.50. Love the palette. Many colors to play around with, but I hate that the mosaic powder has some shimmer to it.


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